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How Important It Is To Monitor Your Blood Pressure?

Monitoring blood pressure is very much important for everyone’s life. High blood pressure is the silent killer for everyone’s life.

Though you won’t experience any prior symptoms, high blood pressure can lead to sudden heart attacks or strokes. This is the reason, monitoring high blood pressure is so important. It may be the only way you can catch your high blood pressure before it is too late.

How to monitor your blood pressure?

There are various ways through which blood pressure can be monitored. Consult any nearest clinic to monitor your blood pressure.

Otherwise, you can buy a quality blood pressure monitor from a local drug store to monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis. Otherwise, make regular appointments with your doctor to have your blood pressure monitored (Blood Pressure Monitoring).

High blood pressure in women:

Your doctor will diagnose you with hypertension if you consistently have a blood pressure reading of 140 over 90 or any higher reading. Your doctor might schedule you for frequent appointments with a nurse if you have high blood pressure.

In various cases, you might not know you have high blood pressure until you receive an abnormal reading as part of a standard checkup.

Women with high blood pressure usually notice symptoms like headaches, dizziness, visual problems, fluttering heart or feeling out of breath when lying down. You should immediately consult your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Chest pain
  • Sudden onset of nose bleeds
  • Sudden confusion
  • Numbness
  • Most severe headache of your life

In very rare cases, up to 1% of the people experience malignant hypertension. This can lead to swelling of the optic nerve.

High blood pressure in men:

Hypertension in men can lead to various problems such as:

  • High blood pressure can cause severe fatigue and also memory issues such as confusion.
  • Men with high blood pressure may also have andropause, which is due to a shift or loss in male hormones.
  • Men with erectile dysfunction may also suffer from high blood pressure. Research has showed a strong relation between hypertension and erectile dysfunction.
  • Shortness of breathe is another symptom of high blood pressure.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should immediately consult an urgent care doctor.



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