About Apple Urgent Care

Apple Urgent Care is an excellent urgent care service provider. Our specialists provide treatment for diseases, illnesses or injuries when presented on an episodic basis. The conditions treated in the urgent care setting are usually acute, and with treatment, are fully corrected in seven to fourteen days.

Due to the focus on only episodic problems, our urgent care generally do not provide obstetrics services, in-hospital admissions, long term management of chronic diseases. We are experienced at the examination and treating problems such as fractures, hand injuries, lacerations, back and neck pain, eye problems, bites and burns. We are proficient in the analysis and treating asthma, fevers, infections, skin rashes, urinary and gastro-intestinal diseases. We also conduct physicals for school, work, camp and sports. We offer work-related medicine, immunizations, and travelers services. You can walk in to our urgent care and get treated promptly.